What it is about?

Starting with TYPO3 Neos it can be quite difficult to find good resources. It doesn't mean there is nothing, but it's sometimes hard to find.


This Site want's to be a Aggregator, where all the stuff is collected and can easily be found by Beginners.

You have your own Blog? Perfect! Just share the link to your Post, choose a category, tag it and your Post will be indexed.

If you don't have a Blog, no problem, use the Texteditor to share your Code Examples. You can even link to your gists inside your text.

It's up to you how you share your Knowledge.

What is the status?

This is just a prototype - to show how it could work. You can contribute in any way. Give Feedback, share your Ideas about this and of course coding ;-) 

Getting started

Go to Posts to see how your Snippets could look like. If you want to add a snippet you need a account - just register or login with the test account: snippet/snippet

If you want to test it on your own machine, you can use the composer file from the distribution package - but there is still the documentation missing.